> Tablet Pal and Tablet Pal Mini
Every Tablet needs a Pal
Your tablet's best friend
Just became your best friend

Using your tablet just became easier with Tablet Pal™ & Tablet Pal Mini™. Using an ergonomic design, the Tablet Pal™ is perfect use for your lap.
Get it in your color
Match it to anything

Available in seven differnt color choices, Tablet Pal™ and Tablet Pal Mini™ can match anything you want. The neoprene fabric is stretchable, lightweight, comes with an anti-skid gripper and waterproof; made to fit your tablet snuggly. Built-in pocket for cables & headphones.
Get the right fit
Available to fit many brands

Table Pal™ fits tablet sizes 9.5" - 11" and brands iPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note 10.1, Surface and Nexus 10.
Table Pal Mini™ fits tablet sizes 7" - 9" and brands iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab 7.0, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD.